REPLAY XD® Unveils New HD Monitor, Battery Packs, Deep Dive Waterproof Case, Rapid Charger to once again prove they build Tools not Toys…

  • ReView 1080p Video Monitor for live HDMI viewing and video playback
  • Deep Dive Housing for full waterproof capability up to 60 meters
  • RePower 2200 $ 4400 battery packs add an additional 3+ to 6+ hours of recording time
  • RePower Rapid XD Charger shortens charging time by 50%.

Newbury Park, Calif. (January, 2013) – Since the launch of the Replay XD1080 camera, the video engineering & design team at Replay XD have put together a group of dream accessories to give users everything they would need for any shooting situation. The new four-inch ReView HD Monitor, Deep Dive Housing, RePower battery packs and RePower Rapid Charger make the XD1080 the most accessory packed camera systems available anywhere.

The Replay XD ReView is an easy to use 4-inch display for the XD1080 camera that features an HDMI-in port to use it as a viewfinder for your camera or to playback footage. The ReView has a built in eight hour battery but also includes additional ports for Audio out, connection to RePower battery packs or standard USB or micro USB AC power for charging.



For watersports and divers, Replay XD has also launched its all new XD1080 waterproof deep dive housing. The housing is built from high impact polycarbonate and gives your RePlay XD 1080 the ability to film down to 60 meters while still offering complete control of Power on/off REC start/stop, resolution and the frames per second buttons. The housing also features an optional Glass Pro Lens Cap allowing replaceable colored filter glass for deep water color correction.

Whether you’re out on a long trail ride, needing a field battery backup or are charging through an endurance race, sometimes you need the extra battery life to capture every second. Replay XD now has the RePower 2200 and 4400 lithium-ion external battery packs that easily connect to your XD1080 camera through an optional ultra lightweight shorty or long harness. These packs offer users an extra 3+ or 6+ hours of extended battery life and include a remote audio input jack. These RePower Packs can easily be used as a charging backup for cameras and other devices. Also part of the new RePower line is the Rapid XD charger that shortens normal charge by 50%.


“At RePlay XD we are racers and sports enthusiasts ourselves. We’re constantly creating products that expand what you can do with your XD1080 cameras,” We’re solution driven and build tools, not toys”, said Replay XD President John Spar. “Our goal is to solve common POV-camera user needs with intuitive, cutting edge solutions and our latest line of accessories does just that.”

For more information on accessory pricing and the XD1080 camera system visit the Replay XD website at

Replay XD was designed by a group of racing professionals with over 50 years of experience in the high performance racing industry. The development team saw the need for ultra-lightweight cameras that could capture never before seen video footage from the most extreme racing and action environments on earth. The Replay XD1080 has been put through the most grueling conditions possible and has come out unscathed with crystal clear footage. Replay XD’s goal is to bring you the most technologically advanced recording systems available today. (805) 480-9800.

6 Responses to REPLAY XD Launches XD1080 Pro Shooter Accessories, Expanding its Serious Solution based lineup.
  1. Want to talk tough? rePlay 1080XD is tough! My RC plane slammed into the ground at almost 80km p/h with the rePlay mounted on the nose. It took the FULL IMPACT. I walked over, picked up the pieces of my plane (destroyed lol) and went home to watch the video from my rePlay! It was perfect!!! Want to talk tough? Talk rePlay!!!

  2. Hi,

    When will these accessories be available to buy for the public? I am looking to buy a new POV camera, tossing up between this and the Go Pro. Also Is there a stick accessory available or in the works?

  3. part #’s. i want the water proof case.

  4. Would glass filters improve quality? Standard plastic filters appear “hazy”. Obviously glass would be OK to stop water drops & bugs but no stones etc. 🙂

  5. Just wondering if there is any chance you will make an adapter that is compatible with Gopro bases?
    Many of us have swapped to RePlay XD but still want to use the GoPro bases we have attached?


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