Well it’s about that time of the week to kickoff an all new Action Cam CAPTION Contest! We want to see who can come up with the funniest, craziest or creative captions all based on screenshots captured from our RePlay XD cameras. We will pick 1 winner who will receive: 1 RePlay XD New Era Hat, 1 RePlay XD QR Tee Shirt, and a RePlay XD sticker pack!

Post your comments below and let the fun begin…

RePlay XD Caption Contest

The Winner will be announced on our Facebook page March 7, 2013.

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16 Responses to Action Cam CAPTION Contest
  1. “is that Ricky Bobby racing Formula? Regardless glad my Replay caught those track skills”

  2. Hahaa YESSS!! Gained a spot!

  3. “Where the hell did those banana peels come from?!?”

  4. ‘Hey pal, I know your car got completely totalled back there, but your RePlay XD doesn’t seem to have a scratch on it. Looks like you won’t be needing it, so what do ya say I take it off your hands?’

  5. Hi Ho’ Hi Ho’ Its over and over I roll

  6. As Tanner Foust quickly learned, you can’t drift EVERY vehicle.

  7. pits “When we said block the other cars from passing I think you took this 2 steps too far

  8. … Hey! …there better not be any scratchs on that RePlayXD that I let you borrow!

  9. Cornering like that CAN’T be legal!

  10. Dude, they said “RUBBER SIDE DOWN”! Guess you missed that part!

  11. Can you see if I remembered to tighten the oil sump bung?

  12. Extreme attempts at aerodynamic espionage

  13. I’m sure this corner wasn’t as steep as this in the last lap!


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