RePlay XD Supercross team rider Justin Barcia on Team Honda Muscle Milk 450 SX finished 3rd, with 250 SX GEICO Honda’s Wil Hahn finishing 2nd, placing RePlay XD on the podium during the race at Daytona International Speedway.

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Last Saturday both were ready to take on the Indianapolis Supercross challenge and claim yet another spot on the podium. 60,000 fans packed the stadium, ready to witness another battle towards the checkered flag. With practice and qualifying underway team riders Justin Brayton, Wil Hahn, Trey Canard and Justin Barcia all mounted their RePlay XDcameras”…

RePlay XD

Well… not so much camera’s. We hollowed out the bodies, pulled out all the electronics and stuffed M&M’s inside. Yes… M&M’s. Why would we do that you might ask? Well, there seems to have been an issue in the past with other companies including RePlay XD mounting cameras on their sponsored athletes during events. Even if the footage is never released (e.g. used as a training aid before taking on a main event, studying the dynamics of a bike’s suspension, rider position and technique), it is not allowed; not on the person and not on the bike.

RePlay XD

How is running a camera any different from running various gear (a helmet, oil or bike)? Crazier still, this is a hollowed-out camera: just the body and no electronics inside. Showing officials the hollowed-out cameras -and even offering to share our delicious peanut M&M’s- changed nothing. We got shut down and shared the rest of our M&Ms with the fans in the stands. Unfortunately this is one of many event categories we are having issues with from this unnamed plastic square camera company. The debate continues on Vital MX. This will get fixed, we don’t plan on letting up, and neither do our fans, athletes and staff. We digress. Back to what went down on the track.

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In the 250SX RePlay XD GEICO Honda’s Wil Hahn fought his way from the back of the pack and began to work his way up, shaking everyone off one by one. Hahn worked his way past Catanzero on Lap 13 holding 4th place as Wharton went down, which allowed Musquin to take the lead and Hahn to fill in the 3rd position, holding it all the way to the checkered flag.

I gave it away here tonight. I have to go home and do my homework to get back on top of the box. I am happy that I was able to work my way back to 3rd, but need to win races.– Wil Hahn.

RePlay XD Team Honda Muscle Milk’s Justin Barcia was looking extremely consistent during practice. He qualifyied with the 4th quickest time and finished 5th in his heat race.

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In the main event, Barcia pulled back hard right out of the gate, grabbing a decent start. Teammate Trey Canard jumped to a mid-pack start and was battling for 7th place when his teammate Justin Barcia took him down hard! It appeared that his foot came off the pegs when he scrubbed the finish line jump.

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Trey hit the ground with enough force to knock him unconscious and sent him bouncing down the track. Barcia powered his way to finish 5th overall. After the crash Trey struggled to get to his feet, but once he regained consciousness he was able to muster the strength to walk off unassisted. Trey has had a truly inspirational comeback in 2013, and we hope to see him back out there soon.

The 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series resumes next weekend at Toronto’s Rogers Centre. Check back for more updates our team riders during the next round! Don’t miss out and visit our store to pick up your RePlay XD action camera that wont have and M&M’s 🙂 , just nothing but HD on the smallest, lightest and more rugged POV camera in the world.

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