Wil Hahn - photo: skullcandy
60,000 Supercross fans entered the Edward Jones Dome over the weekend. RePlay XD’s Wil Hahn was more than ready to lineup on the gate and battle after coming off his first win last week in Atlanta. Hahn got out to a fast start while grabbing the holeshot, blasting past Dean Wilson while shaking off the rest of the pack of riders. Hahn led the race once again but faced a strong challenge from Wilson over the final half of the race.

Wilson tried to move in on Hahn during the 12th lap but couldn’t hold it while Wil pushed forward and took it all the way to the checkered flag! Hahn now leads Wilson by one point in the 250 East standings and claimed the red plate going into the next round at Daytona! Congrats for your great night of racing and putting Replay XD on the podium.

It means the world to me,” Hahn said. “Going from none to two is a good feeling. Just to have some momentum on my side is also a good feeling. For me, I just need to keep consistent and keep getting the starts I’m getting and just ride a smart race.

Wil got a huge confidence boost out of the last win and took that edge to St. Louis with tenacity,” said Replay XD VP of Marketing Jason Lighthart. “We’re pumped to have such a motivated rider on our program and are glad to be able to help him capture crucial data and awesome footage on his Replay XD1080.

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