RePlay XD Monster Army Recon Tour

The Monster Army Recon Tour presented by Replay XD made it’s fourth stop at The Incline Club in Lakewood, NJ. Scotty Cranmer’s home park is amazing and definitely lived up to the hype! The event went off with 90 competitors and some of the best riding we have witnessed on the tour. Team Hyper stepped up to the plate by having multiple riders gaining podium spots in various divisions.

The battle for the top spot and the all expense paid trip to the Play AM finals at Mike Spinner’s house in the Play Open division was intense to say the least. Athletes such as Trent Newkirk, Vinny Mannino, Matty Cranmer, and Jordan Prince were all throwing down trying to get that ticket. In the end it was David Lieb walking away with it all. He was able to gain the sought after award with his effortless style and consistency, as well as throwing tricks like triple wips, and backflip 7’s. We can’t wait to see the talent in North Carolina and would like to give Special thanks to our tour partners Monster Army, Hookit, Mike Spinner, A3, Vans,, Hyper BMX, Madcatz, X-Ryderz Fat Tony, the staff at The Incline Club, and especially the Cranmer’s.

Play Open
1st – David Lieb
2nd – Jordan Prince
3rd – Michael Skoinik

1st – Tyler Bailey
2nd – TJ Luther
3rd – Lawrence Kazanski

1st – Shane Goldsmid
2nd – Tommy Koepplinger
3rd – Andrew Simonici

12 & Under
1st – Ed Rovi
2nd – Jake Filderman
3rd – Brady Baker

Special thanks to Hookit, Monster Energy, Mike Spinner, Vans, A3, Hyper,, X-Ryderz, and Madcatz who have made it possible to bring this tour to the riders.

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About the Recon Tour

The Recon Tour was started by Hookit and Monster Energy as is an intelligence-gathering mission to find the best up and coming athletes in the nation through contests for BMX, Snowboard and Ski. We work closely with key partners to support the future of action sports and provide a better platform for the athletes to advance in their sports. For more information on the Recon Tour, visit You can also follow the tour on Facebook at, on Twitter @recontour, and on instagram @recontour.

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