Hold your breath, summer is now year-round! Replay XD is proud to announce an all-new style to capture your watersport activates in HD! The Replay XD DeepDive 197 is a tough clear waterproof case designed exclusively for the Replay XD1080 action camera. The jewel like quality and precision craftsmanship of the DeepDive 197 housing is like no other. RePlay XD Water HousingRePlay XD’s DeepDive 197 is built for all you extreme water sports junkies! The water housing insures the best protection possible in the harshest environments and conditions Mother Nature has to offer! Our DeepDive 197 is constructed from high impact resistance polycarbonate, featuring instant access to Power, Record, Video/Photo Modes, and Frames Per Second settings, allowing you to record video or quickly switch to shooting photos, all under water down to 197 feet/60 meters. DeepDive 197 includes our new Surf Mount (adjustable TiltMount and Surf SnapTray) to allow for extreme tilt, great for longboards or shortboards. The Surf Mount isn’t limited to just surfboards… you can use the new Surf Mount with any of our other SnapTray bases for unlimited shooting angles and possibilities.

DeepDive 197 Waterproof Case

DeepDive 197 also accepts the optional ProCap 197 accessory, which features a flat, antiglare, antireflective, glass element, allowing for ultra crisp and clear underwater footage.RePlay XD DeepDive
The Replay XD DeepDive 197 has been perfected for excellence to help capture all of your underwater moments in the best quality possible,” said President, John Spar. “We have adorned the Replay XD1080 in the DeepDive 197 and put it in the hands of professional surfers, world class divers, underwater videographers, the US Marines, along with many others who have agreed that Replay XD Action cameras and accessories continue to be the preferred and class leading action camera products available on the market. We couldn’t be more excited to finally release the DeepDive 197 housing to the rest of our loyal customers.
Get started today and shoot all your HD video of your water adventures designed for scuba diving, jet skiing, surfing, kayaking, underwater discoveries and more with the Replay XD DeepDive 197.

DeepDive 197 Waterproof Case

DeepDive 197 Waterproof Case

DeepDive 197 + RePlay XD Water Housing

Replay XD was designed by a group of racing professionals with over 50 years of experience in the high performance racing industry. The development team forever revolutionized Action Cameras, creating the smallest, lightest, ultra-rugged, and most versatile cameras. Replay XD Action Cameras endure and capture never before seen video from human and machine in the most extreme environments on Earth. We create the finest Action Cameras on the Planet.
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21 Responses to Replay XD Is Proud To Announce the DeepDive 197
  1. A water housing would be sick as! You could take it surfing and
    Jet skiing and heaps more, easily one of the best replay xd

  2. Been Waiting for this one. I could definitely use it on my fire pack and not worry about getting dumped on by the helicopter.

  3. Guess I need to buy another ticket for Hawaii to shoot some footage while swimming with the sharks!!!

  4. Love my XD, would love it even moor with a water proof housing so I can do some Dives with it and use it mudding on my Ranger!

  5. This might be a great way to film fish coming in after lures and bait! Another application is filming bottomfish being returned to the depths with a “dropshot” rig. Right now there’s no footage of fish being sent back down after being tagged with that setup. Other cameras tend to make the setup spin on the way down. This tubular shape wouldn’t cause that to happen.

  6. As someone said on youtube the next accessory should be an on camera waterproof LED light, totally attachable to the housing, maybe like a ring around the lens.
    Just saying!!!

  7. Finally my replay cameras can now go from the race track to my surfing and diving in the same day!, I guess it’s time for another external hardrive to store the action.

  8. I need this to capture all my swift water rescue action!

  9. I will be putting mine in the Fountains of Bellagio, and launching it up to 500′ in the air, with the water cannons. It will free fall in to the lake afterwards.

  10. Been waiting for this since last year when your tech guys says it was in the works! Good timing i am going to Pulau Dayang, Malaysia next month and cant wait to record it HD! Send me one guys! I’ll post them up for you after the trip!

    \m/ cheers!

  11. I’m going to use this waterproof housing on my XD720 to attach to my snorkeling gear and get great underwater videos!

  12. What is the diameter of the case? I would love to have this case on my replay helmet cam for Afghanistan!

  13. I’m going to Puerto Rico this summer and this thing would be so nice to have when I go snorkeling!

  14. This would be awesome on the rc boat, wouldn’t have to worry about turning over.

  15. I’d probably sumerge my xd1080 in my fuel cell to see how the fuel is returning to the tank from the regulator. There’s a lotof returned fuel on a belt driven aeromotive pump.

  16. PLEASE make me the winner! I would mount it on everything and would love to take it with me to Hawaii to document all the water life and how awesome the camera truly is. I am a huge Replay fan!

  17. Make me win please. I practise surf and bike cross country. I bought a Replay XD 1080 last year on http://www.replayxd.eu, but an waterproof case is essencial to use my replay in the water and film all the action of Madeira Island waves (http://www.madeira-web.com/pagesuk/surf.html). I’m a huge fan of Repaly XD, looking forward to try it. All the best, Sofia

  18. Congrats Jay!! Hawaii has some of the most amazing dive spots around enjoy.
    I have had my XD a few months now and use it on everything, it’s the best video camera I have ever used and so simple my grand son can run it. Picture is 1000 time better then the XXpro. Thank you for a great cost effective video camera, Im a fan for life!!.

  19. After finding out that another brand of POV cam could not stand the extreme vibration associated with karting, I did extensive investigation and decided to go with ReplayXD and I’m happy I did.

    Just had the opening race for this season couple of days ago. Unfortunately, weather could be described as torrential downpour. Just too much rain and water to risk my replayXD. It may be water resistant, but the conditions would have required water proof. I wish I’ve had the deep dive housing to be able to record the insane race in insane conditions.
    Naturally, having water proof case would make it possible to use it also while diving :).

    While waiting for the next, hopefully dry race, I can recall the memories of last dry race, as recorded with my ReplayXD

  20. I’ve been waiting for this case. For scuba diving, white water rafting, kiteboarding… Radio controlled boat and plane. Or just playing in the pool with the kids. This will be useful!


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