Replay XD was proud to be a part of the Third Annual Winter Drive hosted by AutoCon Events in conjunction with Purist Group. The event featured hundreds of the most unique cars in the world. The main objective was to raise donations for underprivileged children around Los Angeles. 10,000+ toys were donated on this one day event. We caught up with the organizer, Sean Lee, during one of his deliveries to a local school. Teaching underprivileged children about giving back to the community at a very young age helps them grow and become future Purists. Its a circle that starts with a small donation and continues with gratitude and appreciation. As Sean puts it: “Life is about giving life. Give other people a chance at life” –  A mindset and attitude he hopes is contagious amongst these young minds.

Replay XD products used in the making of this video:

Prime X Camera System

The Professional HD Action Camera



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