Replay XD External Mic


Compatible with External Audio Adapter

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Note: Microphone must be used with any of our HW/Audio kits with an Audio Line-In jack.

The Replay XD External Microphone is a miniature lavalier microphone with an omnidirectional condenser. The microphone itself is engineered for use in a wide array of applications. The frequency and sensitivity response is designed to accurately reproduce the audio character of your activity with great detail and minimal noise.


Element: Condenser
Type: Omnidirectional
Frequency Range: 50~16,000 Hz
Impedance: 1500 Ohms±30% (@ 1,000 Hz)
Sensitivity: -65±3dB (0dB=1V/Microbar)
Plug: 3.5mm (1.8 in) Mini-jack
Length: 1.8M (72 in)
Battery LR44 or GPA76, DC1.5V


This accessory is compatible with the following, adapter needed:


Replay XD Compat 1080 Mini