ReView Field Monitor


ReView Field Monitor

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Record. . .  ReView.

ReView Field Monitor is a 4.3 inch HDMI monitor, perfect for any shooter, featuring instant HDMI video connection, allowing you to frame your shot live and replay your footage after recording.


Shoot and ReView, All Day

The ReView Field Monitor features a built-in battery that lasts almost all-day. You can charge the ReView with a standard Mini USB cable or the USB cable that is supplied with your Replay XD1080.


Mount It, Hold It

There are 3 built-in, 1/4-20 tripod mounts on the bottom right, left, and center of the ReView, allowing for flexible mounting with your existing gear. You can also hold-in-hand or stand-up the ReView with the removable ergonomic handle.

 Pro Monitor, Not So Pro Price

ReView Field Monitor packs a punch with many Pro level features all built into a lightweight monitor, including a large LCD screen, audio-out, volume control, brightness control, and HDMI connectivity allowing for extremely flexible viewing. ReView Field Monitor was priced to be added to any shooters gear bag.

HDMI and Full HD

ReView’s HDMI input is fully compatible with the world renowned Prime X, Replay XD1080, DSLR’s, RED, large sensor camcorders, POV cameras, and other Full HD cameras with HDMI up to 1080p60 output. ReView Field Monitor is perfect for utilizing Live View and Playback from your Prime X or Replay XD1080. Just plug-in the HDMI cable and get instant Live View from your camera all without waiting to wirelessly pair or sync to another device. ReView Field Monitor features a brilliant wide screen display, with brightness adjustment to fine-tune your picture whether if you’re shooting indoors or outside.



Adjustable Audio

Built-in Audio Jack:

ReView Field Monitor has a 3.5mm audio-out jack so you can listen to your audio during Live View or Playback to make sure the audio levels are just right.

Built-in Speaker:

You can also listen to your footage live through the built-in speaker, making it easy to show off your footage instantly.



This accessory is compatible with the following:



DisplayTFT-LCD Color Display
Screen Size4.3 Inch
Resolution480 x 272
VideoFull HD Compatible Input
HDMI Composite Video Input 1.0Vp-p
NTSC / PAL Auto Recognition
AudioBuilt-in Speaker (Mono)
Stereo Analog Audio Jack (Stereo)
PowerRechargeable Li-ion Battery
3.7V 3000 mAh
DC 5V 1A Input
PortsHDMI 1.3a Input
-Live HD Video

USB 2.0 Mini
USB 2.0 Mini 8-pin

3.5mm Audio Jack
-Audio Output
Size120 mm Width x 87 mm Height x 27 mm Depth
4.7 in Width x 3.4 in Height x 1.06 in Depth

with Grip Handle
126.5 mm Width x 87 mm Height x 67.5 mm Depth
4.9 in Width x 3.4 in Height x 2.7 in Depth
Weight184 grams (including battery)
6.5 ounces

with Grip Handle
224 grams (including battery)
7.9 ounces
CompatibilityReplay XD1080

HD Camera with HDMI Output up to 1080i or 1080p60

11 Responses to ReView Field Monitor
  1. i have purchased review field monitor a few months a go.
    does you find a solution to use this monitor with the gopro3 +black edition
    i can not used on live view when i using 1080 super view with 60 fps. 3057990402
    the only way let me see it is if i turn on the WiFi on the camera (consume my battery)

  2. Hello
    I bought a screen for my camera 1080 mini . What cable can I use to connect my camera to the screen?

    • The 1080 mini is not compatible with the ReView Field Monitor. The monitor is only compatible with cameras that have HDMI out (Prime X, XD1080). We will have support follow up with your via email.

  3. Hello Replay

    The monitor can 60 fps, But what even more ? 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30.

    And you can make it perhaps also confirm on a camera


    • The ReView Field Monitor is capable of displaying any frame rate up to 60fps. It is up to you to decide the FPS setting from the camera.

  4. Hi, does this support WiFi or Bluetooth? If I’m going to be shooting Live View, I should be able to freely move around my Prime X, without the use of an HDMI cable.

    • The ReView Field Monitor does not support WiFi or Bluetooth. Prime X is compatible with your iOS or Android device. Learn more about the WiFi App here. The ReView Field Monitor is great because there is instant preview and minimal latency.

      • Thanks! I was wondering, how would I review my videos after recording? There isn’t any instructions in the manual book – I could only access live view.

        • Its the same as hooking up to a TV through HDMI for playback:

          Turn on your Prime X.
          Connect a Micro HDMI Type-D cable to your ReView Field Monitor and Prime X.
          Hold down the Mode button and Prime X will display Video or Photo thumbnails to your monitor.
          Quick Press the Mode button to cycle through your thumbnail images.
          Quick Press the Playback button (Record button) to play/stop your video or view photos

  5. Hi,

    I am using a Camera Prime X and a Replay monitor XD. I would like to use the camera as a back up camera on my car, but I have to flip the image in the monitor (left -> right and right-> left). Is it possible and how can I do this ?
    Thank you very much,


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