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Prime X Camera System

The Professional HD Action Camera



1080 Mini Camera System

Mini HD Made Small And Powerful




RePower Battery Adapter 5V Only

Plug in a Battery Pack to charge or give your camera that extra juice.



RePower Adapter [Prime X]

RePower v2 - Accepts 5-40V of Power. Video-out versions available.


Hardwire Car Adapter [XD1080 / XD720]

Provides a constant power supply to your camera for endurance events and activities.


Prime X USB Composite Cable

Enable composite video out from your Prime X.


Lens Kit – 5 Pack

Impact-Resistant Window


Lens Bezel Kit

Replacement Lens Bezel


Rear Cap Kit

Replacement Rear Cap


Lens Bezel & Rear Cap O-Ring – 5 Pack

Replacement O-rings


USB 1A Wall Charger World Kit

USB 1A Wall Charger World Kit


Ballistic Case

Keep your camera system and accessories in one compact place.