RePower Battery Adapter 5V Only

Plug in a Battery Pack to charge or give your camera that extra juice.



RePower Adapter [Prime X]

RePower v2 - Accepts 5-40V of Power. Video-out versions available.


Hardwire Car Adapter [XD1080 / XD720]

Provides a constant power supply to your camera for endurance events and activities.


Prime X USB Composite Cable

Enable composite video out from your Prime X.


USB 1A Wall Charger World Kit

USB 1A Wall Charger World Kit


USB Cable

8-pin USB for XD1080 / XD720, RePower Battery, ReView Monitor



USB 1A Stubby Car Charger

Perfect for on the go charging.


Mini USB Cable

Mini USB Cable for Prime X, 1080 Mini, ReView Monitor


RePower USB Adapter

RePower USB Adapter