Replay XD1080 Firmware Single Update

Version: v51
Post Date: 2013.10.03
File Size: 4.1 MB

The Replay XD1080 is the most advanced action-video camera, for the best performance and up to date features, make sure your firmware is current.

New Features added in v51

  • Text File Feature: (WMK) Watermark feature, add date/time stamp, add custom word up to 20 characters, or add both.

Features added before v51

  • Text File Feature: (OT) “One-Touch” Recording, Press Power button to turn On and Start Recording, camera will vibrate six times, Hold Power button to turn OFF, camera will vibrate one time.
  • Fixed (FTF) File Trim Function when using “One-Touch”, erroneous vibration was removed.
  • Text File Feature: (BR) Bitrate, now set to High by default.
  • Text File Feature: (FTF) File Trim Function, now set to Off by default and added option to turn On / Off in Advanced Text File.
  • Text File Feature: (CTL) Custom Time Lapse Capture, default settings match the inside rear cap.
  • Text File Feature: (SDF) SD Full Overwrite, when SD card is full, camera will Power-Off by default. When SDF is activated camera will overwrite oldest files (Loop Recording).
  • Text File Feature: (CFN) Custom File Name, this allows custom file identification name to be applied. Letters only A~Z or a~z, (Default file name is RPXD0001) rename the first four characters of the file names for multi-camera environments (EX: AAAA0001, ABAA0001). CFN: must have four letters to work and allow Advanced Text File Settings to be applied. Note: When CFN is modified, the Replay XD1080 will boot up and power down once to apply setting, the camera will function as normal thereafter.
  • Text File Feature: (APSS) Auto Start/Stop Function, when feature is turned on, the Replay XD1080 will Auto Power-On and start record when external power is applied, when power is removed the Replay XD1080 will stop recording and Power-Off using (PDD). You can adjust the (PDD) Power Down Delay.
  • Text File Feature: (PDD) Power Down Delay, When (APSS) is turned on, PDD is activated. You can have PDD set to Power-Off after 1 minute (default), 5, 15, 30, or Never, when power is removed.
  • External Audio mode stays activated after Power-Off and Power-On
  • Clip file feature vibrates 3 times to match Start Record vibration.
  • Added compatibility for certain Sandisk SD Cards
  • Make Advanced Text File visible for Windows XP-7, Mac OSX 10.7
  • Added Advanced Text File Auto White Balance Color Definitions
  • Text File Feature: (CSD) No SD card, Power-Off after 5 seconds On/Off select
  • Text File Feature: (ASD) No Activity, Power-Off after 5 minutes On/Off select
  • Text File Feature: (LV) HDMI Live View TV Output NTSC or PAL select
  • Text File Feature: (AO) HDMI Live View Audio Output On/Off select
  • Text File Feature: (PB) HDMI Playback On/Off select
  • Text File Feature: (CTL) Custom Time Lapse Capture, you can now customize time lapse duration and mode: Manual Shutter Mode, Time Lapse Programmable Mode, Burst Capture Mode, Time Lapse/Burst Capture Combo Mode.



  1. Download the firmware to the desktop.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Make sure your microSD card is correctly formatted. (FAT32)
  4. Copy the DCIM, MISC, XD1080fw.bin firmware file and XD1080.txt text file from the XD1080fw_single_update_v51 folder to the root level of the microSD card.
  5. After file copy is completed, properly unmount the microSD card.
  6. Make sure the Replay XD1080 is Powered-Off and plugged in to power with the supplied USB cable.
  7. Install the microSD card into the Replay XD1080.
  8. Press and hold the Power button (after V45, you must also hold the Mode Button and Power Button) until the Replay XD1080 Powers-On. The camera will vibrate 3 times and the Red and Blue LED lights on top will blink to show that the firmware is loading. Once the Firmware is finished installing, the Replay XD1080 will automatically Power-Off. (Note: If the Replay XD1080 blinks for more than 3 minutes, please Power-Off your camera by holding the Power button, then reset your camera, gently insert a paperclip into the reset hole and reset, then try reloading the firmware.) Important Note: If upgrade procedure is not followed properly, interrupting the update process while the lights are still flashing may permanently damage your camera!
  9. OPTIONAL: Delete the XD1080fw.bin file from your microSD card. You can reformat and erase the microSD card from the Replay XD1080 by pressing and holding the Mode and FPS button for 10 seconds. Important Note: This function will erase everything from your microSD card, so use with caution. Always backup your files. (The Replay XD1080 will try to reload the firmware if you don’t remove the XD1080fw.bin file from the microSD card)

Important Note: If you are experiencing problems with the firmware update, please use the SD card that was provided with your Replay XD1080. Reformat your SD card from the camera first as explained above or you can reformat your SD card by downloading the official SD Formatter for Mac or PC. Official SD Card Association SD, SDHC, SDXC formatter download: